St. Nathy’s Student Council – Team building trip to Castlebar Bowling alley.

Wednesday last St. Nathy’s Student Council enjoyed a memorable outing to strengthen their bond and highlight the crucial role they hold in school. The day kicked off with a team building trip to Castlebar bowling alley, under the watchful eye of Ms. O’Connor and Mr. Daly.  

The Student Council is the voice of the student body and actively advocates on their behalf. It plays a vital role in fostering a sense of community and empowers students to actively contribute to the school’s environment. The bowling outing not only provided a break from routine but also allowed the student leaders to reflect on the responsibilities and duties they shoulder as part of the council. The Council then held a post trip meeting in the College to attend to more immediate matters and address issues. This post-outing session allowed them to seamlessly transition from leisure to duty. 

The bowling trip was more than just a fun outing for our Council. It was a valuable experience that underscored the importance of teamwork, camaraderie, and effective communication within the council. As these young leaders continue to navigate the challenges of student advocacy, their shared experiences outside the confines of the school grounds will undoubtedly contribute to a stronger, more resilient Student Council, ready to face the responsibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. We thank them for all their work.  

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