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School Ethos

Mission Statement

St. Nathy’s College was established by the Diocese of Achonry to act as a centre of learning. 

We strive to cultivate learning within a Christian environment which provides for the personal, physical, intellectual, moral and faith development of each student.


All of our school endeavours and activities are towards these objectives.

St. Nathy’s College Prayer

you walk always with your people
in Jesus Christ, you call us to a living relationship with you
through the Holy Spirit given to us in Baptism and Confirmation.

I ask you to send your Spirit afresh on me
and on each member of the community of Faith and learning that is
St. Nathy’s College.

Draw me into a deeper relationship with you so that I may have a
sure sense of your love for me and all the wonderful ways you work
in my life.

Make me more aware of my vocation
to be a disciple of Jesus Christ dedicated to his mission of making
you known among those with whom I live and work.

As disciples of Jesus, we ask you Father,
to help us seek you in all things
so that all will belong to your family of faith.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

St Nathy Pray for us.
St Attracta Pray for us.

School Motto and Crest

The school motto is ‘Robur Nathaei ’ (strength of Nathy). We strive to live this motto on a daily basis by encouraging everyone in the College to love God, love each other and love learning.

St. Nathy’s College as a Catholic voluntary secondary school is committed to:

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