Knock Visit

On the Friday the 8th of October 2013, the transition year class of St.Nathy’s college went to a Youth Gathering in Knock Shrine.

Our day began with a trip to the Basilica, where people spoke to us about how God came into their lives. One of the speakers was called Ger; he was a goal keeper for Ireland from when he was 14 to 19. He still plays professional soccer for Galway united. He found God in his life when he was 15 after a day in Knock. He told us that as his friends were going drinking, he felt that it was wrong. He was not happy with himself until he found God.

There were two other speakers. St. Anna, one of Mother Teresa’s sisters, told us about her life, she joined Mother Teresa’s sisters at a young age of 15. The final speaker was a man who had been a drug addict and an alcoholic. He got over his addictions through prayer, one prayer he found helpful was the Rosary, introduced to him by a local lady who held prayer meetings.

We had an hour for lunch, where we ate and walked around the grounds of knock Shrine. We also walked down the little village of Knock, going into a few shops looking at what you could buy. We met back to the Basilica for Mass. During the Mass the Papal Nuncie was there and many bishops and priests were there too.

As a gift, we got a copy of ‘You Cat’, rosary beads and two book marks with prayers on them. Each has been blessed and will be treasured.

We all agreed that it had been a worthwhile day as we returned to school at 5 o’clock.