Junior Girls Gaelic

On the 8th of October St. Nathy’s junior girls’ team played a Gaelic football match against the Coola girls .The game started at 12:30. St Nathy’s got off to a flying start with Brianna Gorman scoring a goal in the first minute of the game. That goal was soon followed by a point scored by Nollaig O’Dowd. The ball was kept mostly in St. Nathy’s possession. The final score of the first half was 4-6 to Nathy’s and 0-2 to Coola. Tara Philips, Shannon Dowd and Megan Mc Comack all contributing to the score.

The girls then had a few minutes at half time to reflect on the first half as on how they could improve, with some encouraging words from their trainers Mr. Foy, Caoimhe Hanley and Laoise Ryan. The girls once again hit the the pitch.

The second half of the match stared at 1:08 St. Nathy’s were not off to a good start this time with Coola scoring a quick point and a goal. However Tara Phillps soon stared off the scoring frenzy for St. Nathy’s point’s the goals stared to become more and more frequent for St. Nathy’s as the match went on. The backs were in full swing constantly getting the ball and kicking it up the field. St. Nathy’s hadn’t scored for a good while but Katie Gallagher soon changed that by scoring a point and the scoring frenzy began once again. It was a fantastic match for St. Nathy’s with a final score of 6-13 for St. Nathy’s and 1-4 for Coola.