Ag. Science students’ trip to Mountbellew

Today, we embarked on an enriching and educational trip to Mountbellew Agricultural College, an experience meticulously organised by Agri-aware. This opportunity was not just a mere visit; it was an educational journey into the heart of agriculture, combining both educational insights and practical knowledge. The day was packed with activities, starting with a farm walk and talk that delved into the importance of dairy, beef, and sheep farming within our agricultural ecosystem. These discussions highlighted the importance of these sectors, not just for the economy but for ensuring food security and sustainability. 

The educational journey did not stop there. A significant part of our visit was dedicated to understanding the machinery used in farming. It was fascinating to see how technology intertwines with traditional farming practices to enhance efficiency and productivity. Moreover, the emphasis on farm safety during these discussions was a vital reminder of the inherent risks in farming operations and the crucial need for adherence to safety protocols to protect both workers and animals. 

An unexpected yet highly appreciated addition to our itinerary was the visit to Martin Connolly’s beef farm in Castleplunkett. This visit provided us with a unique perspective on beef farming operations, enriched by the firsthand experiences shared by Martin Connolly and his Teagasc advisor Gerry Cregg. Their insightful talk, filled with practical advice and personal anecdotes, offered a deeper understanding of the nuances of beef farming. 

We would like to thank Agri-aware for organising such an informative and comprehensive agricultural trip. Special thanks goes to Martin Connolly and his Teagasc advisor for their generosity in sharing their time and knowledge with us. Today’s trip was a reminder of how important agriculture is in our lives, reinforcing the need for continuous learning and appreciation of the hard work and dedication that goes into farming. 

Thank you to Mr. Dolan, Ms. Coyle and Mr. Convey  for accompanying them. 

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