TY trip to Omagh

On the 28th of March the TY’s along with our German Exchange partners went to Omagh Co. Tyrone. When we were in Omagh we visited the Ulster American Folk Park. When we arrived at the park we all sat down for a quick bite to eat after the long journey. We then split into two groups of 20 students and set off on the tour. Due to so many different schools attending the park on that given day our school started off on the American side of the park.

We were brought through an old style village with different people dressed up playing roles of old townspeople back in the 1940’s. We met an old man who was playing the role of an old sea captain sailing a ship from Ireland to America. He brought us into the ship and explained to us how the people had to sleep in small wooden floor beds for 12 weeks.

After we were shown the boat we were brought out into old American style houses. When we entered the houses we were greeted by different people dressed in old clothes. They told us all about how people used to preserve food by putting it in brine and covering it with animal fat. We also got to try homemade popcorn in one of the houses.

Later on we were brought to the Irish part of the park. It was very different from the America section of the park. Its houses were much smaller and the people weren’t dressed in as fancy clothes. It was still nice to see though. All in all the day was very interesting and we all agreed that we enjoyed it very much.