Roscommon County Council Anti Litter Campaign

On Thursday, March 27th, the Transition Year anti litter group, alongside the two stars of the video and a representation of the Green Schools committee, travelled to Roscommon to participate in the County Council Anti Litter Campaign. The process to enter this contest had been started in 2013, when the Transition Year class helped film a short movie during December, creating the slogan “Be the solution, not the pollution.”

Once the team arrived at the Roscommon Arts Centre, the contest began with a speech from the project lead and from the County Council’s mayor. After this, all eight submitted films were shown in the theatre, which lead into movie style trailers involving behind the scenes pictures from each project. All eight participating films won awards in some category (Hosted by iRadio’s Steven Cooper), ranging from acting, originality, props and best message. Saint Nathy’s won the award for Best Message, and then proceeded to win the Best Film category.

The film will be shown before movies in Carrick Cinema over the summer season. After the awards were presented, the team got onto the bus and returned back to school, now triumphant with two trophies.