Success for St. Nathy’s at ‘The Roscommon Volunteer Awards’ as we win ‘School Champion of the Year award’.

We are proud to announce the fantastic news that we have just won ‘The School Champion of the Year’ award at ‚ÄúRoscommon Volunteer Awards‚ÄĚ in recognition of our outstanding commitment to Green Schools, Sustainability and Environmental stewardship. Deputy Principal Geraldine Gildea and Green Schools Ambassador Karen Munnelly accepted the award in Kilronan Castle on Friday evening. Behind this success lies our Green Schools Committee, a dynamic group of students and teachers dedicated to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.¬†

The Green School Committee is continuously promoting a greener future and it is the collaborative efforts of both diligent teachers and enthusiastic students that have led us to win this prestigious award.  

One of the cornerstones of our sustainability initiatives is our emphasis on recycling. The school has implemented robust recycling programs that involve students actively participating in the sorting and recycling of waste materials. We have thus significantly reduced our contribution to landfill.  

The introduction of a polytunnel has provided students with hands-on experience in cultivating plants while promoting sustainable agriculture. The polytunnel serves as a hub for various activities such as seed-saving, planting, pruning and growing of fresh vegetables. We have also implemented a rainwater collection system to harness rainwater efficiently. This reduces the school’s reliance on external water sources¬†

Our recognition as ‘The School Champion of the Year’ is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability. The collaborative efforts of the Green Schools Committee, along with the diligence of teachers and the enthusiasm of students, have all created a culture of environmental responsibility within the school. ¬†

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