St. Nathy’s Leaving Cert Mass, Graduation and Awards night 2024


As the academic school year draws to a close and Exam students start counting the days, it was that time of year to host our annual LC Graduation mass and Awards night.  That long awaited night that marks a significant milestone in the lives of our dear Leaving Cert students was held last Tuesday. The theme this year was “Take care of the moments and the years will take care of themselves”.  It was an opportunity for all involved to celebrate this important achievement, where one journey was ending, and a new one is beginning.  

Fr. Henry spoke of events that had happened over the last 5/6 years in our school and wider community.  He reminded students how much each and every one of them had enriched the life of our school.  He spoke of the impending exams and the stress of the Leaving Cert. He  also reminded them that there is life in great abundance after the Leaving Cert and that the World is full of promise and that they should always endeavour to make good choices and ‘be your best’.  He told them that they are ‘more than a set of Exam results’.  He underlined the valuable contribution that they have made to school and will make in whatever path of life they chose.  He spoke of the commitment they all made, their circle of friends they shared, the sacrifices that families made to get them to school, the hard work of the teachers and the familiar things that united them together in our school hall last Tuesday night.  

The Mass featured beautiful readings, prayers and reflections carefully chosen by the Graduation team of both students and teachers alike.  The choir, under the direction of Ms. Sheridan and our guest Ms. Kielty (who kindly returned to us for such a momentous occasion), delivered a poignant performance of songs such as ‘Memories’ by Maroon 5 and ‘Dreams’ by The Cranberries. One could visibly see tears rolling down faces and watery eyes.   

Immediately after the Mass, we held the Awards Night, a time to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students. Each award presented was a testimony to the hard work, commitment, and passion of our students.  We were also joined by Bernard and Verone Donohue who presented the ‘Ciarán Donohue Memorial History Award’.  It is always a pleasure to see them and we thank them for their time.  

This year we had the following categories. 

Mentor Awards, 

Prefect Awards, 

Senior Gaelic Footballers of the Year, 

Senior Basketball Players of the Year, 

Commitment to School Ethos Award, 

Artistic Endeavour & Achievement Award, 

Robur Nathaei Award, 

Musical Excellence Award, 

Positive Attitude Award, 

Commitment & Endeavour Award, 

Linguistical Proficiency in French 

GAISCE Award, 

Ciarán Donohue Memorial History Award, 

Leaving Cert Graduation Award. 

After the Awards ceremony there was a reception in the canteen area which had been decked with cute baby photos, a giant cake and an array of tasty treats.  This was a wonderful opportunity for staff, students and parents to meet, chat and reminisce.   

The Leaving Cert Graduation Mass and Awards Night was not just a celebration of achievements; it was a reminder of the importance of living in the present and valuing each moment. It was a notice to each and every one of us to ‘Take care of the moments and the years will take care of themselves’. Well done all of you and Best of luck in the upcoming State Exams, you will be missed in the halls of St. Nathy’s. 


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