St. Brigid’s Day with some of the of TY and First years’ grandparents.

In an uplifting show of “Partnership with the community,” we were delighted to welcome the grandparents of some of the TY and First years to the school chapel yesterday. We would like to say a very genuine “THANK YOU” to all the Transition year students who worked relentlessly to ensure that there was an adequate supply of St. Brigid’s Day crosses available to all our Parishioners in both the Cathedral, and in the School chapel for our wonderful Grandparents who visited the College for a special blessing and a few tasty treats! We cannot mention all the TY by name as there are too many to mention, but you know who you are. You are a credit to yourselves. 

After the ‘Blessing ceremony’ we enjoyed some light refreshments in the school canteen  It was a wonderful opportunity for teachers, students and grandparents to meet up. This was our first year to introduce such an initiative in St. Nathy’s College and we are proud to say that it was a tremendous success. 

During the ceremony we had the privilege to witness a student, a grandparent and a teacher participate in a symbolic ‘pouring of the water’ ceremony to symbolise a unique Christian tradition. These links are invaluable to our school and our community, and we thank wholeheartedly all those Grandparents who found the time to visit us.  

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