Brainbox Study Skills Workshop

Well done to all of our 5th year students who participated in the “Brainbox Study Skills Workshop”. This workshop provided them with proven strategies to ensure that they perform to the best of their ability in exams. They covered a wide range of motivational techniques so that students learned to¬† take charge of their own learning, (i.e. take ownership),¬† start early and maintain their work rate in the future.¬† Students had opportunities to learn about and put into practice effective note taking and note making strategies,¬† as well as learn strategies for time management.

Students were taught unique study methods and they also covered¬† revision tips so that information can be¬† retained in long-term memory. During the final part of the programme, they explored how to maintain a healthy balance between study and hobbies, including ways to manage exam anxiety. Each student received an “Elevate Study Skills” booklet filled with a comprehensive range of practical information.

Topics covered were :

1. Motivational strategies
2. Planning your workload
3. Note making
4. Time management
5. Study and revision strategies
6. Exam wellbeing

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