TY History 9/11 Project

For the first term, Transition year students have been studying a unit entitled ‘Days that Shook the World’ in History with Mr. Brennan and Ms. Brunker.
The first event that was studied was the 9/11 attacks in 2001. All TY students learned about the events as they unfolded on that fateful day. Apart from the more widely known events such as the collapse of the Twin Towers, students also explored Flight 93 in which the heroic passengers learned of what was happening and chose to risk their lives and take back the plane in an attempt to save countless others. Their actions stopped that plane from reaching another target in Washington DC. The unit also looked at the plane that went into the Pentagon, the immediate consequences of these events, what the President did, conspiracy theories and the impact and changes that had to be implemented around the world so that such a devasting event would not happen again.
As part of their end of unit assessment, students turned into historians and undertook extensive research into a particular area of this day or events that followed. Some groups did their investigation and project on some of the survivors of the Twin Towers, the Police and Firefighters who risked their lives in order to save others, the families left behind from those who died on Flight 93 and the Twin Towers and also some conspiracy theories that arose in the years that followed. 
Well done to all TY students for their efforts and sensitivity in completing these projects, some of which will be on display on the notice boards for other students to read and learn about.  

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