TY Forensic Workshop

  On Tuesday this week, all of the TY students were treated to a fantastic Forensic Fun Workshop into the Assassination of JFK. 
The two hours were thoroughly engaging, led by the expert and witty Pat! 
The expertise and information delivered to the students was most impressive. 
After talking them through the timeline of that fateful day, then investigating various different conspiracy theories, .this workshop then made the whole experience more immersive for students. Students were afforded pportunities to look at bullet shell casings, replica rifles and handguns that were used on the day, footage of the assassination from a spectators point of view as well as taking their own fingerprints and filling out their own investigation form.
The students loved the experience and were still talking about it the next day! It is even more vital as the next unit of learning in their TY History course is ” Days that shook the World” led by Mr. Brennan and Ms. Brunker.  The workshop of the events which led up to the Assassination of JFK  has educated, informed and given  them a great head start and prior learning for their next unit. A return visit will certainly be on the cards!  

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