Sports Day 2024

Sports Day 2024 

We hosted our eagerly anticipated Sports Day last Friday 17th May. We were blessed with glorious sunshine as the back pitch was transformed into a colourful hub of athleticism and friendly competition.  

From the minute the 9.05 Tutor bell rang, students spilled out onto the pitch. There was a real ‘feel-good, summer’ atmosphere. The Sports Day kicked off with a series of races designed to test agility, coordination, and of course teamwork.  

Throughout the day, ‘Super Sprinkles’ kept everyone cooled down and was a delight for everyone. Students and teachers alike enjoyed refreshing ice creams and slushies, providing a sweet respite from the athletic activities. The combination of delicious ice cream and beautiful weather added to the overall enjoyment of the day.  

The ‘three-legged’ race saw pairs of students awkwardly but enthusiastically hobbling towards the finish line, tied together by the ankle. Laughter filled the air as some pairs mastered the rhythm quite quickly, while others tumbled hysterically towards the never- ending finish line. 

Next up was the ‘wheelbarrow’ race, where participants navigated their way through a course, with one student walking on their hands while their partner held their legs. It was a test of strength and coordination, and the onlookers cheered on each team with great enthusiasm. 

The ‘piggy-back’ race followed, highlighting the trust and balance between partners as one carried the other on their back.  

Adding to the excitement was the ‘potato and spoon’ race. This event required concentration and steady hands. 

The ‘sack’ race had students hopping furiously towards the finish line, often collapsing in heaps of laughter as they lost balance. This classic event never fails to bring smiles and cheers from the crowd. 

In the ‘stepping stones’ event, participants had to use three gymnastics mats, all members of each class group had to get from one area to the next without stepping on the grass. If anyone fell off the mat and thus stepped on the grass, the whole class had to go back to the start.  

The ‘pipeline’ game required students to roll a golf ball through a length of pipe from one area to the next. Once you passed the ball on to the person beside you, he / she had to run to the end of the line. If you dropped the ball, or if your length of pipe was not positioned under the rolling golf ball, your team had to go back to the start. 

The ‘tug of war’ was a true test of strength and determination. Teams dug their heels into the ground, gripping the rope tightly, and pulled with all their might. The competition was fierce, and the victories were hard-earned, celebrated with loud cheers and applause. 

A highlight of the day was the ‘slip n slide race,’ a water-based event that brought much-needed relief from the sun. Each class group had 1 plastic cup and a bucket. One at a time, they had to run and slide along 15m of plastic which was covered in water and washing up liquid. Once a student completed the slide they had to fill a cup from a barrel of water. With their cup full of water, they then had to slide back to their group along the plastic and empty their cup into their team’s bucket. The team to fill their bucket to the required amount won. Students quickly worked out that they could fill their buckets a lot faster by also wringing the water from their T-shirts into it!  The cool water and the thrill of the slide made this event an instant favourite. 

The ‘Hang Tough’ challenge tested students’ endurance and grip strength as they hung from a bar for as long as possible. It was a spectacle of sheer willpower, with participants holding on until their muscles gave out. 

For those inclined towards fitness, the ‘plank challenge’ and ‘push-up challenge’ provided a platform to show their core strength and endurance. One student did over 6.5 minutes and another brave soul over 7 minutes! Thanks to Mr. Curran for his words of encouragement. 

If the ‘Slip n Slide’ was the icing on the cake, then the ‘Teachers vs. the Leaving Cert Students’ soccer game was the cherry on the cake! This annual tradition is a highlight for both students and staff. It was business! The game was intense, with both teams showing impressive skills and teamwork. The students’ energy and agility matched the teachers’ experience and strategy, resulting in a thrilling match that kept the rest of the school on the edge of their seats/ patch of grass. In the end, the game ended in a draw. 1-1. So we were all winners.  


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