On Monday the 11th of October, we headed to the Hudson Bay where we enjoyed a wonderful day of water sports. We set off from school at 9:15am along with Mr. Brett. When we reached the Hudson Bay we met the people in charge of the Bay water sporting club. We also met Leanne and Jacinte who were our instructors of whom both came from Tipperary for the day. We then togged out into our wetsuits and were split into two groups.

The first group went with Leanne and went sailing and the next group went and played a number of teambuilding games. We had great fun and there were very funny moments doing these games. Afterwards we were able to have Lunch. We had a nice cup of warm tea and our lunch and sat down for a little chat. Then we broke up into our groups again. One group did sailing and the other did Kayaking. We were out on the lake for the first half of the day kayaking. It was really relaxing and very enjoyable. For the second half of the day we headed off sailing.

Firstly Leanne and Jacinte went through the theory with us about sailing and the do’s and don’ts behind it. Then we headed out onto the lake but unfortunately, there wasn’t that much wind. We had to be towed around at times! Unfortunately, it was then time to go home.

We all really enjoyed our day at the Bay water sporting club in the Hudson Bay, Athlone. We would like to thank Mr. Brett for a really enjoyable day!