Port Aventura

Monday meant Port Aventura! We left Hotel Calypso at 10:30 and arrived in Port Aventura at 11:00. Everyone was excited and couldn’t wait to go on the exhilarating rides Port Aventura had to offer. The first ride that caught our eye was the ‘Furious Baco’, which travelled at a shocking speed of 136 kph.

Other rides in the theme park included ‘Shambala’ which is the tallest roller coaster in Europe which travels up to a breath taking height of 249.3 feet in the air, the ‘Hurakan Condor’ which was a free falling drop that went so fast you felt you had left half of your body at the top of the drop which is 376 feet tall when you reached the ground. Over all the experience was amazing and every individual enjoyed it. We would like to thank Mr. Lennon, Mr. Curran and Ms. Staunton for accompanying us on this wonderful trip.