Green School Travel Flag!

St Nathy’s College has been successful in achieving the Green School Flag for Travel.

The school was highly commended for its submission.

Well done to all involved and for the hard work over the past two years. There was a lot of work and many wet days standing in the rain, surveying parents and as well as doing cycling training workshops. It was through the great efforts of the Green School Committee under the direction of the coordinator Ms Redmond that they achieved great success such as securing a bicycle shelter on the school grounds for all those who wish to cycle to school, promoting safety while cycling by running cycling workshops, as well as the Climate Action Day that was hosted in St Nathy’s College in February. The committee has campaigned parents, guardians, teachers and students to reduce their carbon emissions by car-pooling where possible, walking or cycling to school and discouraging car owners from leaving engines idling at pick up times. They have also campaigned the council to upgrade existing footpaths and install pedestrian crossings for the safety of students who are walking to and from school.

So much has been achieved and we hope that more work will be completed in the coming year to ensure that the staff, students and parents of St Nathy’s College continue to make a positive impact on the environment.

Green Schools 2020 Congratulations