Ger Carey in the TF Royal Theatre Castlebar

On the 17th October, Our TY class 2013/2014, travelled to a comedian, Ger Carey in the TF Royal theatre castlebar ‘Observations from a hedge’, is a new show for Transition Year students.  By secretly watching teenagers in their natural habitat, he discovered the interesting life of a teenager.  The show was 10 euro to get in and we travelled there on a bus and all our transition year group went.  When we arrived, we blended into the crowd.  As you looked around, you could see a whole sea of blue and green uniforms.

We realised on a day like this, we were grateful for our uniforms.  When we got into the theatre, we were shown to our seats and everyone settled into their chairs.  When it started, we didn’t know what to expect as we had never saw any of his shows before, but we soon realised what we got ourselves into. Ger was unbelievable.  He had the crowd eating out of his hand; everyone was jumping out of their seats with laughter.  He knew exactly how to please us and through the while show, I had a smile on my face.  His show was a new experience for him and for us, and it was a daring decision for Ger because he had never preformed it for anyone before and to do it in front of a crowd of T.Y.’s was a brave decision. It all paid off in the end.

The atmosphere in the theatre was electric, everyone was happy and laughing and excited for more to come.  I thought it was an amazing experience.I really enjoyed the experience of this and I would go again in a heartbeat.  I recommend this show to all Transition Years to come!  If Ger organised to do another show, I would definitely go.  I felt Ger really knew his stuff about teenagers, he covered everything we do everyday.  I bet it brought him memories of his childhood and I’d say he enjoyed it just as much as we did.  I recommend it to all and I really enjoyed my experience.