Thank you to Midwest radio and The Tommy Marren show

Today three of our cast travelled to Midwest Radio to be interiewed live on The Tommy Marren show.  Gabrielle Heavey and Aaron Fox Lunt (our two lead charachers) aka ‘Laura’ and ‘Tom’ as well as Henry Black who plays ‘The Teacher’ in the musical filled Tommy in about our first ever musical in St. Nathy’s.They were accompanied by our Principal, Fr. Henry and  Ms. McHale, (a real teacher) who is in charge of the choir. Listen back to it on Midwest from 10.40-10.55.  We were also treated to a live rendition of ‘The name of the game’.

Time got the better of them and the two tickets are still looking to be claimed! So tune in tomorrow to The Tommy Marren show, when the tickets will be up for grabs. Good luck!

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