A palace for mini beasts!

Under the warm rays of spring sunshine, the Green Schools Committee today embarked on an enriching project; constructing a ‘bug hotel.’ This initiative forms a pivotal component of our continued efforts to amplify biodiversity in St. Nathy’s. With fervent dedication, the committee meticulously crafted a sanctuary for insects, harmonisng it with the natural environment. The team recycled old wooden crates, bricks and a myriad of other materials to create a haven, a refuge where bugs could thrive. This gesture epitomises the power of collective action in nurturing our planet. Through this venture, they not only cultivated biodiversity but also took on a sense of responsibility, fostering a sustainable ethos within St. Nathy’s.  Well done to Ms. Munnelly and the Green Schools Committee.
@GreenSchoolsIre and @roscommoncoco

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