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School Staff

Mr. Declan Dunne School Principal
Ms. Geraldine Gildea Deputy Principal
Academic Staff
Mrs. Imelda Beirne Faculties of Irish & European Languages
Mr. Oliver Brady Faculty of Science
Mr. Ronan Brett Faculties of Geography & Religious Education
Mr. Gerard Carmody Faculty of Science
Ms. Ruthanne Cawley Faculty of Home Economics & Religious Education
Mr. David Rogers Faculties of Engineering / Computer Applications
Mr. Seamus Curley Faculties of Irish & Geography
Mr. Ronan Curran Faculties of Geography & History
Mr. Martin Daly Faculty of Religious Education & English
Mr. James Dockery Faculties of English & History
Mr. John Dolan Faculties of Science & Mathematics
Mr. Colm Maye Faculty of Construction Studies
Mr. Josh Mc Dermott Basketball Coach
Mr. Niall Mulderrig Faculty of Physical Education
Mrs. Catherine Farrell Faculties of French & English
Ms. Mary Finan Faculty of European Languages
Ms. Niamh Fitzpatrick Faculties of Home Economics & Science
Mr. Brendan Foy Faculties of Business Studies & Mathematics
Ms Deirdre Gordon Faculties of Irish & Music
Mr. John Guilfoyle Faculties of Science & Mathematics
Fr. Martin Henry Faculties of Guidance & Counselling; Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care
Mr. Mark Hennigan Faculties of Mathematics & English
Ms. Lisa Herron Faculties of Mathematics & Information Technology
Mr. James Howley Faculty of Construction Studies
Ms. Bernadette Jordan Faculties of History & English
Ms. Aileen Kennedy Faculty of Irish & European Languages
Mrs. Anne Kielty Faculties of Music & English
Mr. James Murren Faculty of Construction Studies
Ms. Colette Mooney Faculties of Science & Mathematics
Mrs. Karen Munnelly Faculties of Home Economics & Business
Ms. Laura McCann Faculties of English & History
Mr. Billí McGhee Faculties of Religious Education & History
Ms. Teresa Owens Faculty of Art, Craft & Design
Mrs. Anne O’ Brien Faculties of Irish & Geography
Ms. Margaret O’Connor Faculties of Irish & History
Ms. Kathryn O’Dowd Faculties of Religious Education & English
Mr. Gearóid O’Súilleabháin Faculty of Information Technology & Computer Applications
Dr. Oonagh Redmond Faculties of Science & Mathematics
Mr. Thomas Ronayne Faculty of Science
Mrs. Áine Scally Faculties of Science & Mathematics
Ms. Mary Sheridan Faculties of Music & English
Ms. Kathrina Staunton Faculties of Religious Education, English & Irish
Ms. Mona Herr Faculty of Irish
Ms. Niamh Duignan Faculties of Science & Mathematics
Ms Jeanette Conlon Faculties of Science & Mathematics
Supervisory Staff
Mrs. Eleanor Browne
Mrs. Peggy Davis
Secretarial Staff
Ms. Maria Coleman
Ms. Mary Moylett
Ms. Mary Regan
Mrs. Veronica Regan
Ancillary Staff
Mr. Andy Hopkins
Mr. Andrew Hopkins
Mrs. Beata Zajac
Special Needs Staff
Mrs Nancy Beirne
Mr. Seamus Regan
Catering Staff
Mrs Teresa Callaghan
Mr Liam Grimes
Mrs. Claire Higgins
Mrs. Mary McGowan
Mr Robin Spain
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