Mayo Mental Health Talks

As part of St.Nathy’s College Wellbeing Week (March 27th-31st), all our Leaving Certificate and Third year students attended presentations and talks given in the College by the Mayo mental Health Association this week.

The Mayo Mental Health Association runs a schools education programme that aims to promote mental wellbeing and awareness in schools across the region. Some of the topics that were covered as part of the ‘Breathe’ Initiative to our students were:

  • What is mental health? (general overview)
  • Risk and protective factors in relation to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • How to support someone who may be experiencing a mental health difficulty.
  • Language and influence we have on others.
  • There was also a strong focus on looking at social media and the effect that it has on us as it is one of the main forms of communication today for many people.


Both Lianne and Jenna from the Mayo Mental Health Association gave most engaging and informative presentations to our Leaving Cert and Third year students respectively. The teachers who attended the talks also found them most thought-provoking and informative. We are glad that our students who are in the middle of busy state examination years got the opportunity to take time out and learn about the importance of looking after our health and our mental health is a very important part of that.

We in St.Nathy’s College thank the Mayo Mental Health Association for their continued support to our school and students over many years.

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