Congratulations to Transition Year students!

St. Nathy‚Äôs achieved success at the TY Mini company ‚ÄėGet up & go event‚Äô. The competition encourages students to use their enterprise skills and set up a company. Developing enterprise skills would be a great asset to students in their future business life. This event took place at the Athlone Springs Hotel, Athlone on 7/4/16.

The three companies involved were: Code Sport, Planet Calenders & Photo Art. Code Sport achieved an award for the quality of its ‚Äėfinancial reports‚Äô while Photo Art achieved an award for the ‚Äėpresentation of their stand and marketing.‚Äô

Special mention goes to Photo Art who were selected to feature in a national event taking place on 3/5/16 in Osprey Hotel, Naas, Co. Kildare. Conor O’Connell, Brian Flynn & Gareth Hunt are the three members who comprised Photo Art. The best companies in the country were shortlisted to participate in this prestigious event.